Organizer:Iteca Exhibitions
Exhibition Center:Uzexpocenter
Address:НВК Узэкспоцентр

Exhibition of equipment and technologies for textile and light industry. CAITME allows you to demonstrate in action the latest textile engineering and technologies from the world's leading manufacturers for the entire production chain - from yarn production to finished garments and knitwear.


Thematic sections of the exhibition:

  • Preparatory and cotton processing equipment
  • Spinning and twisting equipment
  • Winding, winding and rewinding equipment
  • Weaving equipment
  • Equipment for knitting and knitting production
  • Dyeing, printing, finishing equipment for textile production embroidery equipment
  • Cutting and sewing equipment
  • Various textile production machines
  • Instrumentation and laboratory equipment
  • Textile Machinery Accessories
  • Software and monitoring in textile production
  • Textile Waste Recycling Equipment, Environmental Protection
  • Chemicals and dyes
  • Maintenance of textile production


* The exhibition may be canceled or rescheduled for another period. Specify the exact information from the Organizers of the exhibition