International Trade Fair for Industrial Insulation in Poland, Kielce

Organizer:Targi Kielce
Exhibition Center:Kielce Trade Fairs Congress Centre (Targi Kielce)
Address:Kielce Trade Fairs Congress Centre (Targi Kielce)

The 4th International Trade Fair of Insulation, or 4Insulation 2020 for short, will take place on April 28 and 29 in Poland, Kielce. The exhibition is primarily aimed at insulation professionals and business insiders from the energy, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as distributors, builders, service technicians and those preparing for the profession. The event is an arena for the presentation of the latest technologies, products and materials for industrial insulation, as well as a demonstration of techniques and methods. It is also an ideal place to establish business contacts with representatives of Polish and foreign companies. At the same time there will be an exposition on renewable energy sources ENEX New Energy.

Type of activity (OKVED): - rubber and plastic products, electrical equipment

Country, city: Poland
Location: Kielce Trade Fairs Congress Center (Targi Kielce)
Frequency: annually
Dates: 04/28/2021 - 04/29/2021
Organizers: Targi Kielce
Website: https://www.targikielce.pl/en/4insulation