WOODEX 2021 - 17th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies

Country:Russian Federation
Exhibition Center:МВЦ «Крокус Экспо»
Address:МВЦ «Крокус Экспо»

Woodex is an international exhibition, the participants of which demonstrate equipment and tools for woodworking, furniture production and wood waste processing. The exhibition takes place every two years, on odd years.

Woodex participants are Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, machines and tools for woodworking, furniture production and wood waste processing, as well as manufacturers of paints and varnishes, adhesives, sealants and wood protection products.

Exhibition sections:

 • Equipment and tools for woodworking

 • Equipment and tools for furniture production

 • Equipment for processing wood waste

 • Forestry equipment

 • Paintwork materials, adhesives, sealants, wood protection

 • Components, materials and accessories for furniture production

 • Related equipment, components and services

The exposition of the exhibition occupies 4 exhibition halls of pavilion 1 Crocus Expo IEC, which is more than 22,000 sq. meters of exhibition space. In 2017, Woodex brought together 9,047 specialists from 39 countries and 372 participating companies from 30 countries.

The 2019 exhibition was attended by 364 companies from 27 countries. Companies from Italy, Germany, China, Turkey and Finland presented their national expositions. 9197 people visited the exhibition in 4 days.

A visit to the exhibition will help to provide the production with the necessary equipment, components and consumables, as well as products for further sale.

Business program: Conferences on modern technologies of woodworking and furniture production, board production, wood waste processing and other topical topics of the industry.


1993 - the first Moscow international exhibition-fair "Woodworking" was organized and held.

1997 - Exhibition-fair "Woodworking" was renamed into "Lestekhprodukzia" due to the expansion of the subject matter.

2001 - awarded the UFI Mark - Union of International Fairs.

2005 - the exhibition received the support of the European Federation of Woodworking Equipment Manufacturers EUMABOIS.

Since 2006, the exhibition has been held annually at Crocus Expo IEC with the support of EUMABOIS.

2009 - The latest technologies, equipment, materials and a wide range of services for forestry enterprises were presented by 340 companies from 23 countries. The main result of their work was real contracts and new connections with clients from all Russian regions. The exhibition was attended by 18,000 people, which is 3,000 more than last year. The exposition area was 22,000 sq. M.

WOODEX / Lestekhprodukzia-2009 gathered 340 companies from 23 countries. The exhibition was attended by 18,000 people, which is 3,000 more than in the previous year. The exposition area was 22,000 square meters.

The exhibition is held every 2 years and in 2015 Woodex once again confirmed its status as the largest industry business platform in Russia.

In 2015, 294 companies from 20 countries took part in the exhibition. Companies from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, China and Turkey presented national expositions.

For 4 days Woodex was visited by 8 316 specialists from 74 regions of Russia and 43 countries of the world. Most of the visitors are representatives of companies producing furniture and joinery, timber products and board materials (particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, etc.), logging enterprises.

In 2017, the exhibition covered an area of ​​22,133 sq. m, 372 companies from 30 countries of the world and 9047 visitors from 77 regions of Russia and 39 countries of the world took part.

The program of events of the exhibition covers the issues of advanced technologies of sawmilling, wood processing and furniture production, bioenergy, customs regulation of the import of equipment for the timber industry, woodworking and furniture production to the territory of the Russian Federation and the export of timber products and furniture outside the Russian Federation, expanding the range of domestic equipment for woodworking enterprises, features the work of the industry under the new Forest Code.

When: 11/30/2021 - 12/03/2021
Where: Russia, Moscow
Branch: Woodworking and furniture
Type: Exhibition