SIAL Paris 2022 - Europe's largest food industry exhibition

Exhibition Center:Paris Nord Villepinte
Address:Paris Nord Villepinte

The Comexposium Group, the organizer of the International Food Expo (SIAL), announces the postponement of the SIAL Paris2020, which was originally scheduled for autumn 2020, to 15-19 October 2022.

The results of SIAL can be summed up in a few phrases: a competitive food industry, fruitful business meetings and the globalization of trade are driving growth around the world.
The number of exhibitors at the SIAL Paris 2014 salon increased by 10% and reached 6,500, with about 150,000 professional visitors from 200 countries familiarized with their products, and 1,500 accredited journalists.
SIAL 2016 Statistics

7,000 exhibitors (85% international)
About 155,000 visitors (70% from abroad)
120 officials
250 events
2,189 candidates for SIAL Innovation
15 winners
With 70% of visitors and 80% of SIAL exhibitors coming to Paris from other countries, the exhibition can be seen as the engine of growth for the food industry in the world.
SIAL Paris 2018 in numbers:

7,200 exhibitors from 119 countries, 87% from abroad
Record attendance - more than 310,000 specialists
73% came from other countries (almost 200 countries)
650 start-ups
2,355 innovative products were nominated for the SIAL Innovation Awards
135 official delegations, 26 government representatives
More than half of the exhibitors have booked space for the 2020 exhibition
At the SIAL Paris 2018 exhibition at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition center, more than 7,200 exhibitors presented over 2,500 new products from the global food industry and current trends in the international consumption industry as a whole. The Made in Moscow stand has become one of the most visited at the exhibition this year.

What is SIAL?
This is an exhibition covering the most promising markets, for 82% of exhibitors the main goal of participating in SIAL is to search for new export opportunities.
Exclusive access to wholesalers, supermarkets, supermarkets
These are visitors from 200 countries of the world, many of which only visit SIAL
A meeting place for food industry professionals, formal and business negotiations reflecting the importance and complexity of the global food market
Gathering information necessary for strategic planning of any company
A number of presentations, specialized conferences and round tables, in which the leading players of the international and European food market take part.
The main profiles of the SIAL exhibition:
DRINKS - 70% of the international beverage industry, new ideas and new solutions. The beverage sector consists of three segments: Soft drinks and water; Wine and alcoholic products; Beer.
The segment of non-alcoholic beverages includes vegetable and fruit juices, concentrates and carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, soda, colas, tonics, energy drinks, mineral and spring water.

The most visited segment of the DRINKS sector is alcoholic. Wine, shaman wine, vodka, cognac, ciders are in constant demand among visitors. The beer segment speaks for itself. With each new SIAL exhibition, the beer segment becomes the focus of attention on consumer trends.
MILK PRODUCTS. EGGS is the largest section of the SIAL exhibition. This section, which ranks second in popularity among visitors, presents the richest selection of European products. This section is obligatory visited by 72% of international visitors.
This section presents cheeses, butter, eggs, egg and milk powder, dessert milk from all over the world. 29% of the exhibitors in this section are companies from France, 71% are from abroad.
FRESH FROZEN PRODUCTS AND ICE CREAM is an innovative sector that aims to satisfy consumers' requirements for speed, convenience and quality of preparation. This section presents a wide selection of frozen poultry, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, ice cream, sorbet, frozen semi-finished products (dumplings, pizza, dough, biscuits, etc.). 67% of the exposition in this section is represented by foreign participants (33% are French companies).
GIFTS OF THE SEA - Visit the sea with SIAL. This section plays an important role in the SIAL exposition, as France is the second largest importer of seafood in the world. In addition to French wholesalers, the most frequent visitors to this sector are Spanish and Italian representatives.
This section presents seafood: cold snacks, deep-frozen foods, canned food, fresh fish and seafood.
DELICATE PRODUCTS - this section is the champions of the SIAL exhibition in terms of the number of innovations presented. This section presents the widest selection of cold snacks from French and European manufacturers.

CANNED GOODS - power and elegance of the European level. This section presents products for the most sophisticated gourmet: foie gras, truffles, canned fish and shellfish, canned ready meals, canned fruits and vegetables. More than 500 exhibitors are presented in this section.
GROCERY - The worldwide market for groceries. V