FAQ: Frequently asked questions from users of the Equip.Uz portal

Our consultants regularly have to help suppliers and buyers of equipment in solving various issues. To simplify the service procedure, we have selected several of the most repeated calls and provided answers to them. Check out this information. You may already find what you were looking for here.

  • What is registration for? - Only users with a registered profile can make transactions on our portal. This feature is dictated by the requirements of the security policy. All personal data that suppliers and buyers of equipment provide during registration are used only for the internal purposes of the project. Any transfer of personal information to third parties is excluded.
  • What opportunities does registration open to users? - First of all, a registered account allows you to correspond and make transactions. In addition, a personal profile provides access to advanced functionality (viewing requests, favorites, orders, adding a product, and more). The full list of available functions can be found by opening the "My Account" tab.
  • How much does it cost to advertise equipment for sale? - Detailed information is published in the section "Advertising". All existing tariffs are described there. The main criteria affecting the cost of publication are the size of the banner and the page on which the ad is published.
  • What are the criteria for comparing positions? - Service "Comparison" provides a description of the selected equipment by price, category, subcategory, country of origin, performance, condition (new or used), minimum order. The information is based on data provided by suppliers. If there is no data for any item, the automatic comparison service issues a dash.
  • Is your site integrated with social networks? - Yes. We make the most of the possibilities of modern online communications. The project is integrated with Telegram, Viber, Instagram, Facebook. This greatly expands the user experience.