How to use the site

How to use the site

How to Use the Site: Instructions for Equipment Suppliers

Equip.Uz portal is a universal trading platform for communication between equipment suppliers and potential customers in B2B and B2C formats. The project provides an opportunity to successfully “enter” the Uzbek market and / or find new customers. Let's list the advantages that are open to suppliers who have chosen a site to find customers:


the most effective advertising and promotion of equipment;

user-friendly virtual showroom of products;

high traffic, leading to the search for potential customers;

all categories of equipment that are in demand on the modern market;

open access to information about customers and recent inquiries;

the ability to conduct direct dialogue with potential clients;

detailed statistics of views and previous transactions;

services of a personal manager to promote your products.

All this is complemented by a simple and quickly performed procedure for registering and posting ads. It consists of the following steps:



Step 1: register on the site

Without a registered account, you will not be able to add a product on the portal. Therefore, we go to the website and click on the "Login" button. It is located at the top right. Select the profile status: customer / supplier and click the "Register" button.

In the new window, fill in the empty fields and confirm our agreement with the rules of using the portal.

After sending the completed online questionnaire to the server, a message will be sent to the mail with a link to activate registration, which must be followed by it. This concludes the registration.



Step 2: filling out the company profile

To add equipment to the sale, you must fill in your company profile. We fill in all the fields in the profile (name, company name, country, city, address, mobile number in international format, website, year of foundation).



If the company will be represented by a contact person, you will need to additionally indicate the personal data of a representative of your company.




Step 3: adding a product

To add equipment, you must sequentially click the Supplier> Company Products> Add New Product, fill in the required fields, upload the main picture, the offer file, etc.