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Search and selection of equipment: fast, convenient, reliable

Having trouble finding equipment? Can't choose a manufacturer or brand? Looking for the best equipment available on the market today? Our specialists are ready to help. The service of search and selection of equipment is the best choice for you. For a reasonable price, the employees of the Equip.Uz project will find and select the best option, providing all the justifications.


How the service works

The service offered on this page is intended for all users who want to receive professional assistance in finding equipment in Uzbekistan and other countries. After receiving your request, our employee finds out detailed information about the required equipment or the final product for the production of which it is purchased.

The experience of our company is more than 15 years. During this period, we have established close partnerships with manufacturers from dozens of countries. This allows us to select the best equipment from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, USA, India and other countries. In the search process, we certainly take into account the preferences of the client. Experts specify which manufacturers and brands of equipment the buyer has worked with before.

After clarifying all the details, we carry out a search. Whenever possible, employees select several options. Depending on the complexity, the procedure takes up to 5 working days. The result of the work is a detailed report, including the technical characteristics of the equipment, its features, materials of manufacture, photo and video equipment in operation, warranty and delivery conditions.

Use our search and selection service. This will not only save you time, but also help you find the best equipment available on the market today.