Foreign technologists


Search for foreign technologists

Along with proposals for the supply of equipment, our company offers a number of related services. One of them is the search for foreign technologists. Such a service will be of interest to those who are preparing to launch new production lines and / or having difficulties in choosing a recipe for a finished product. We offer the most effective method for solving such problems - a contract with foreign technologists. For a small fee, our specialists will select the best candidates for you and help you with the transaction.


How the search for technologists is carried out abroad: features of the service

If your company or organization plans to launch a new production line or find an effective recipe for a finished product, the service presented on this page is the best choice. For more than 15 years of activity, we have managed to collect a fairly large-scale base of specialists representing the countries of the near (Russia, Ukraine) and far abroad. In a relatively short period of time, our employees will select the best candidates for you.


Foreign technologists that we find for the clients of the Equip.Uz portal work on a contract basis. The contract is concluded for 3, 6 or 12 months. Depending on the specifics of the transaction and the client's requirements, their responsibilities may include:
• selection of recipes that meet the established standards;
• development of a new product in order to expand the range;
• preparation of new production lines for launch;
• control over technological production processes;
• training of personnel to work with new equipment.

Detailed information about the work that the selected foreign technologist can carry out, as well as his resume, are just the results of the service provided by our employees.