For suppliers

Equip.Uz for equipment suppliers

The sale of equipment through the Internet portal Equip.Uz is the right choice in all respects for those who want to sell such products with the maximum benefit for themselves. The following attractive opportunities are open for manufacturers and suppliers on the site:


  • Virtual showroom with a convenient and intuitive interface for product search.
  • Free unlimited placement of advertisements for the sale of equipment and the provision of services.
  • High traffic with a targeted audience that allows you to attract the maximum number of customers.
  • Direct sales in B2B and B2C format without intermediaries and commissions for the development of the project.
  • Integration with popular social networks, empowering equipment sellers.
  • Opportunity to hire a private manager specialized in promoting your products.
  • Gaining access to unique information about potential clients and their needs.
  • Personalized and professionally trained Equip.Uz support staff 24/7.


Register on the portal, and soon you will be able to evaluate the benefits of your decision!